What I actually do:

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Managing the intersections of UX Research, Business Strategy, Digital Product Design, and Technology.

With a deep level of empathy for our customers and stakeholders, I help to define the vision for our digital products and services. Based on in-depth user research and close collaboration with Business Strategy, I identify, together with my team, the most pressing business and user needs. With that in mind, we create disruptive product ideas, introduce new features, or enhance existing experiences.
By leveraging technology, we gain even more insights into our users and the usage of our tools. In that way, we can improve the quality of our tools and achieve longterm success.

UX Researchers, Digital Product Designers, Developers

Establishing processes for better results, delivered on time and budget.

Life is too short to build products that nobody wants. Therefore, it’s important to have efficient processes and methods in place.
Defining and validating real-world problems is an essential first step. Then, every potential solution must be pressure tested with real users. Only after successful testing, should we move into the development phase. By following the Agile Development Framework an early MVP can be launched. In my opinion, the best way to achieve product market fit is to launch early and develop together with your actual users.

Customer Journey Mapping, Jobs-to-be-done, Card Sorting, Focus Groups, Cultural Probes, Internal Press Release, User Testing

Miro, Confluence, Jira, Slack, Teams, Aha, Figma, Sketch  

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Building highly efficient squads to scale projects quickly and sustainably.

In order to scale up fast, I established a reliable network of freelancers and contractors. Every product is different and so the expertise you need to execute is varied. At the same time, I believe in a strong core team that can act as a gravity field. Subject matter experts help us to better understand the challenges and different use cases. Accessing talent from around the world helps us to find the most skilled people to form a highly efficient squad. Therefore, remote teams are almost a must for modern product development and execution.

Knowledge is a key asset and should be retained in house. At the same time, we need to be able to scale up fast and fill any blind spots with leading industry experts.


Some projects I’m proud of

Liquid Design
Liquid Design System – Merck KGaA – Product Owner
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Graphotate – Merck KGaA – Product Owner & UX Director
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Eyrise – Merck KGaA – Product Manager & UX Director
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COBI – a Bosch Company – Lead Digital Product Designer
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Audi City & myAudi – Audi – Digital Product Designer
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Project Jiminy – Healthcare – Product Owner & Lead UX/UI 

Things that have shaped me

1. Agency World

Serving Major Clients

I had the honor to start my career as a digital product designer in a team of highly talented and experienced people. In my first years, I supported the digital journey of some major companies from various industries. Testament to the high-quality output are the more than 30 international & national design awards, including The Lovie Awards, New York Festival, Red Dot Best of the Best, and New Media Award. In particular, the close collaboration with Audi taught me a lot about the power of good user experience in a highly competitive market.

Kolle Rebbe, neue digital / razorfish

Deka, DHL, Seat, Audi, McDonald’s, VW, Deli Garage, Telekom

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2. Startup World

Disrupting an Industry

Once in a lifetime, you get the chance to join an exciting startup that has the ambition to disrupt an entire industry. When I started at COBI, we were a team of 8 people with the dream to bring features like music, navigation, phone calls, and fitness to your bike. As a Lead Digital Product Designer, I had to define the experience for an entirely new category of product. Furthermore, this adventure taught me a lot about being a manager in challenging times.

$13 Million Funding | $400K Kickstarter | Acquisition by BOSCH

3. Corporate World

The World of Science

In 2017, I was asked to form a new team for the Chief Digital Organization of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. It’s our ambitious goal to build digital products that help scientists become faster, more precise, and more efficient in their daily work.
My fundamental belief is that managers should be multipliers for their team and the entire organization. This is what I aim for every day I go to work.

UX Researchers, Digital Product Designers, Developers


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Say Hello! 👋

I’m always curious to learn more about interesting challenges and projects. Just reach out to me if you have any questions, thoughts or you just want to share a virtual cup of coffee.

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